Cryp2Gem is a cryptocurrency community on Telegram. We are a research community and we favor fundamental deep-dive research of historical, current and upcoming exciting cryptocurrency projects.


We are not your typical community! We actively encourage members to contribute to the community in the form of educated discussion, individual research and project insight. A collection of our fundamental analysis of historical and current cryptocurrency projects can be found on our Medium channel.



The premium trading group is led by a professional trader who has been active in the markets since 2014, and has traded cryptocurrencies since 2017.

Our disciplined trader boasts a very impressive track record, which spans years NOT months.

We proudly offer real, live trading on Binance and FTX. All trading calls are made in due time, with clear entries, take profit levels and stop losses. We do not believe in BOT trading! Feel free to copy trade our professional trader! Our trading track record can be found here: Trading Results

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